Bear Series Beard Bundle

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Beard Oil

Want your mans beard to glisten in the sun?

The Bear Series Beard Bundle is a great combination and creates an easy to follow regimen to gain and maintain a healthy beard. 

Bear Series Beard Regimen:

Two swipes to the beard with the beard bar to cleanse, massage then rinse.

Place Beard Bar on Holder to prevent the bar from melting.

Dry beard then add beard butter or oil. (The beard butter and oil can be alternated for morning and night use or used together all at once)

Comb the beard.


  • Beard Oil 
  • Beard Cleansing Bar
  • Beard Bar Holder


  • Blends beard patches
  • Soften beard hair
  • Thickens beard for fuller look
  • Conditions and Moisturizes beard
  • Promotes growth and nourishment