Hunzy Body Set (Monthly Subscription Available)

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Hunzy Butters
Hunzy Scrubs

The Hunzy Body Set includes a one month supply of Hunzy Body Butter and Soft As Hunzy Body Scrub of your choice. You would cleanse your body with the Hunzy Bar in a warm shower or bath before scrubbing. After you towel blot dry, you would apply Hunzy Body Butter. 

This is the perfect gift for every occasion and celebration like birthdays, graduations, weddings, holidays, bridal showers, business showers, baby showers and "just because it’s Wednesday" gifts.

Only Monthly Subscriptions receive a Hunzy Bar with the purchase of the Hunzy Body Set!

If you are experiencing dry, itchy skin caused by sensitivity or skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis please select the Original Hunzy Butter with the Original Body Scrub. Our Original Hunzy has no essential oils that may further irritate the skin. Two great Hunzy Bars to use would be the Puddingtain bar and the Calendaloe Bar.